Versatile 555 Timer in 4 steps
Électronique / Electronic


Step 1
Simple LED flasher

You can change the value of C2.
A larger value decreases the flashing frequency and a smaller increases the flashing frequency.
You can also change the value of R1 and R2


Step 2
Changing the LED for a speaker

Step 3
LED and Sound
U2 control U1

Step 4
Make a time limit

When you use the circuit to impose a time limit during a game, hit S2 at the beginning of each person’s turn. So the circuit won’t make its rude noise if a player does move within the allowed time.

Substitution of the 2M potentiometer

    Rotary Switch

With Dual Pot

With Triple potentiometer

With Quad Potentiometer

Resistor substitution box

Resistor Substitution Box Elenco RS-500


555 Pinout 556 Dual 555 Pinout
555 Bloc diagram 558 Quad 555









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