Leapin' LEDs
Électronique / Electronic
7400, 7476

Here's game to see how fast you are on the trigger (or at least the Key!). The object is to light LEDs 1 through 4 as quickly as you are able ox with as few presses of the Key as you can.

To play, put the power ON. LED 1 will light. Now press the Key until LED 2 lights. But, if you're not lucky, only LED 1 will light.

Continue to try to get all the LEDs to light up (LED 1, 2, 3 and 4).

The secret of this game is to press the Key at exactly the right moment to light the LED. Timing's been an important part of all the digital circuits we've played with so far. You've also noticed how digital circuits seem to do either one of two things (for example, a LED lights or it doesn't light).

How do you think a digital circuit works? Make a note of your ideas — see how close you can come to the right answer.








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