Capital Letter Displays

We've already seen how the Display can be used in different circuits, now let's see how it works.

The LED Digital Display is actually seven small LEDs in the same package. You'll notice in the schematic that there are resistor symbols connected to the Display symbol. These resistances are actually "built-in" the Display to protect the segments from damage from too much current. You can form different letters on the LED Digital Display by wiring the segments together in various ways.

In this Project, the Display will show either J or H, depending upon the setting of the Select Switch. But those aren't the only capital letters that can display.

By simply changing the wiring connections at the Display, you can get it to show A, E, C, F, G, I, S or U. But we're not going to tell you how to display these letters ... just play around with this Project a while and you'll soon find out how for yourself. (Once you do discover how to make these letters, be sure to make notes about how you did it, include the wiring sequences too. You'll find this information handy when you start cooking up your, own circuits!)








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