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Voltage Controlled Oscillator Circuit
Électronique / Electronic

VCO? What's that? VCO stands for voltage controlled oscillator, and as the name implies this oscillator changes its oscillation frequency according to the voltage applied to the circuit.

The circuit produces two different output signals that have triangular and square waves. When you complete the wiring sequence, slide the switch to position ON to turn on the power.

Turn the control slowly while you listen to the sound from the earphone. When you turn the control clockwise, the sound becomes lower.

When the voltage through terminal terminal middle potentiometer of the control changes, the 0.01 μF capacitor's charging/discharging time also changes, causing a change in the frequency of the oscillator.

Current that shows a triangular wave travels from terminal 1 of the first operational amplifier to terminal 6 of the second amplifier which acts as a comparator. The comparator releases output from terminal 7 current that shows a square wave.








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