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Electronic Bird

Have you heard the old saying about the "cat that ate the canary ?". We use that expression when we mean someone looks guilty of having done something they shouldn't have, (So what's that got to do with electronics? Simple - we've decided to make an electronic bird for our electronic cat! see Oscillator Section)

This circuit is another variation of an audio oscillator circuit. When you press the Key, you'll hear a "chirping" sound from the Speaker. You can make the "bird" chirp faster or slower by adjusting the Control Knob.

If you like to make changes to these Projects (of course you do!) you'll love this circuit! You can change just about any part and get a different result. Just don't decrease the value of the 22k resistor below 10K (this will help prevent damage to the Transistor).

Since this is our last audio oscillator Project for a while, it might be good to review your notes. What have you discovered about oscillators so far? Were you able to come up with some interesting circuits on your own?

Try making up your own "Electronic Zoo and Sound Factory" like we've done here. Now here's a challenge for you— think you can make up your own audio oscillator circuit using just your notes and what you've got stored in your head?

Try it, and don't peek at this site Section. We think you can do it. (And if you do, you're designing electronic circuits just like we promised you would do!)








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