AM Radio Station 1

If you've ever had a secret dream of being a disc jockey on a radio station, this Project is for you!

This will let you broadcast your voice over any nearby AM radio, This Project uses the Speaker as a microphone. Tune an AM radio to an empty spot on the dial as you've done for our other radio circuits.

Turn the power ON and cup your hands around the front of the Speaker. Now talk into the Speaker in a normal voice. Have someone listening to the radio. Speak louder or softer as needed and adjust the Tuning control for best sound.

This transmitter uses AM and is received on an AM radio, "AM" stands for amplitude modulation, which means that the output of this transmitter varies with your voice.

You've also heard of FM radio stations. "FM" stands for frequency modulation. That means the frequency of the radio signal is varied according to your voice.








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