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Audio Signal Tracer

This project is a simple one Transistor audio amplifier which is used as an audio signal tracer. With this amplifier you can troubleshoot transistor audio equipment. You do this by connecting the Probes across the circuit from stage to stage until you find the stage or component which is not passing the signal along.

No volume control is used with this amplifier because you can use the volume control on the equipment being checked to adjust signal levels when necessary.

The 0.1 uF input Capacitor blocks DC so you can probe around circuits without worrying about the effects of DC voltage on the circuit.

The amplifier circuit is the common-emitter type. The bias current is the self current type. That is. the base current (through the 470K) is obtained from the collector voltage, providing some stabilizing negative DC feedback.

This is a very simple and popular circuit for silicon Transistors such as the 2SC. Use this amplifier to probe around on any Transistor radio or amplifier you have, that needs fixing. You may also use this circuit to test some of the other projects in this kit. The only requirement is that they do not have any common components. Have fun !








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