Does Money Talk?

Or at least make a sound?

This Project will let you see if you can turn your pocket change into a power source for an oscillator circuit. This Project uses the same "coin battery" found in Project The Coin battery in Electric power section, If you were able to make the Meter pointer move in that Project, use the same "coin battery" here.

Put the power ON. Do you hear a sound through your Earphone?

You may have to listen quite carefully, since the sound will probably be quite weak. Try various things with the penny to see if you can generate an electric current ... steel or iron washers, strips of various metals, etc.

Also try stacking several layers of metal and electrolyte together as we suggested in Project The Coin battery. To be sure this circuit operates properly, do the following:

1. Polish the surfaces of both sides of the coins before using.

2. Use only a single sheet of thin tissue paper.

3. If you can't hear a sound, try salt water instead,

4. Try to make as much contact as possible between the wire ends and the surfaces of the coins

5. For the sine metal, you can always try a piece of the inside of a tin can (take care that you don't cut yourself on the metal).








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