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Shot in the Dark
Électronique / Electronic

"Think von have good night vision? This Project will let you find out for sure. It tests your aim, in a totally dark room!

Your "gun" for this game Is any ordinary flashlight. Just place your Kit with this Project wired up in a completely dark room. Use your flashlight to "shoot" the Kit with a beam of light. If you aim correctly, you'll light the Lamp.

This Project uses the CdS Cell we first tried with our Electronic Candle in Transistor Section. You'll remember from that project that the CdS Cell is sensitive to light and can control electronic circuits. In the Electronic Candle project we used the CdS Cell to turn off the Lamp. Here we'll do just the opposite.

After you finish the wiring connections, put this Project in as dark a room as possible. Turn the power ON.

Use a flashlight and shine a beam of light on the CdS Cell. Carefully adjust the Control Knob until the Lamp lights. You're now ready to test your skill!

First try hitting the CdS Ceil from about five feet or so. As your aim improves try increasing the distance. For the most fun, try hitting the CdS Cell just by quickly switching your flashlight on and off instead of using a steady beam of light. Don't be surprised if you have to very carefully adjust the Control Knob to get the Lamp to come on when light strikes the CdS Cell.

For the best adjustment, be sure you have the kit in a completely dark room and use a sharply focused flashlight (not a fluorescent lamp or other light). Once you've found the best setting, don't change it Good luck, May you become "the fastest flashlight in the West!"








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