Batteries in series and parallel

The set of cells connected in series or in parallel is also called battery pack.

Battery in series

You can connect multiple batteries in series, negative - positive - negative - etc. to a higher voltage. The serialization it is "free", in that it provides no energy loss. In series, the voltages are added, but the amp does not add up.

The series connection is to connect the batteries alternating polarities,

The first battery will be connected to the + to - of the second battery,

The second battery will be connected to the + to - of the third battery and so on.

The voltage then varies and it performs addition of the voltage of each battery.

Ex. By connecting batteries 1.5 volt and 3-volt battery to do 6 volts, 1.5 + 1.5 + 3 = 6 volts.

You can connect a 3-volt battery and a 9-volt battery to do the 6 volts! (Have you deciphered this one By connecting the negative series batteries - to oppose negative voltages, giving 9-3 = 6 volts). In the case of a reverse polarity, the voltage source is subtracted from the other voltages.

Do not plugged several batteries that way because a reverse cell can exploded.

If the polarity of a battery is reversed in the housing (two poles in contact with each other, or two poles), it is in load situation by the other batteries.

This causes a chemical reaction inside the reversed battery: within minutes, the battery rejects explosive gases and an extremely corrosive liquid. So there is danger of explosion and burns.

Battery in parallel

The parallel connection of the batteries requires having strictly identical elements so that the elements from discharging into each other. The slightest difference in voltage will cause leaks that will become losses, and reduce the expected capacity. If an item is lower than the others, they will be debited in the lower and discharge.

In parallel, the voltages do not add up, but the amp is addition. Naturally, for this to happen, it is necessary that the positive poles of each battery are interconnected, as well as the negative poles. The terminals of the set, the voltage is equal to that provided by a single battery, but the total current rating is equal to the sum of current from each battery.








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