Solo Battleship


1 Battleship game board
2 dice D10 (0-9) or (1-10) of different colors


One of the D10 represents the vertical coordinates and the other the horizontal coordinates.


Place each ship horizontally or vertically, but not diagonally.

Do not place a ship so that any part of it overlaps letters or numbers.

Start the game

At the start of the game you decide the number of turns of the game (minimum 20 turns).

1. Roll the 2 dice


The Blue d10 displays 4 and the White die also displays 4. This gives the coordinate D-4

2. Check if you hit a ship

3. If it's a hit, you register your hit by inserting a red peg into the hole corresponding to the hit ship. otherwise you do not insert any pegs.

Note: If you hit the same spot a second time you place a red peg in the hole next to the boat near the red peg already placed. Which counts as an extra touchdown.

4. Use the white pegs to count your turns (In the vertical board)

5. Repeat, until you have reached the number of rounds you have decided for the game.

Count the number of hits you got.

Try to beat that number of touchdowns by replaying....








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