Chinese Checkers

The following are the basic rules.

Feel free to modify them to suit your style of play.

For 2, 3, 4, or 6 Players


Be the first player to move all your marbles from your home triangle to the triangle on the opposite side of the board.

Set up:

Fill your home triangle (the points around the outside of the board) with 10 of the same color marbles.

For 2, 4, or 6 player games, players should play from opposing triangles.

For three player games, leave the opposing triangles open.


Choose a player to go first. Players then take turns moving their marbles across the board.

Players can only move one marble per turn.

There are two types of moves: hops and jumps.

For a hop, a player can move their marble to an adjacent hole.

This can be in any direction, however, once you have moved to an adjacent hole, your turn is over.

For a jump, a player can jump over an adjacent marble (either their own, or an opponent’s) if the next hole is unoccupied.

You can make multiple jumps (with the same marble) in a turn.

Once you take your hand off the marble, your turn is over.

The first player to fill the triangle on the opposite side of the board is the winner.

Obviously, jumps are better moves, though there will be times when a hop is necessary.

As you develop your own strategies, you’ll learn to use hops to set up jumps and/or to block your opponents.









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