King’s Court English


Place the game board in the center of the table.

The pieces will be placed on the beige squares on the outside of the board (not in the middle square).

24 Orange and 24 Green

When placed on the board, the pieces will alternate colors. Whichever player is using the orange pieces will get to make the first move.

Playing the Game

For their first move the orange player will move one of their pieces onto an adjacent space in the middle section of the board.

The green player will move one of their pieces from the other side of the board into the middle section of the board.

After this point in the game a player must always have at least one of their pieces in the center section of the board.

Both players have made their first move moving one of their pieces into the center section on opposite sides of the board.

After each player’s first move, players can move any piece they want.

Players can move one of their pieces to any unoccupied adjacent beige square above, below, to the left or to the right.

Players can move pieces out of the center section as long as they have another piece in the middle of the board.

After the first two moves of the game, players can also choose to jump over pieces.

A player can jump any adjacent piece as long as the beige space on the other side of the piece is unoccupied.

A player may jump over their own piece or an opponent’s. If a player jumps over an opponent’s piece they remove that piece from the board.

A player can jump as many pieces as possible on a turn as long as there is an unoccupied space between each piece. While jumping multiple pieces a player can change directions as many times as they want.

For the orange player’s turn they will use their piece in the bottom left corner.

First they will jump up over their own piece. They will then make two jumps right over the two green pieces. They will then jump down over their own piece. Finally they will jump left over the green piece in the bottom right corner.

End of Game

The game ends when one of the players has no pieces remaining in the center section. The other player wins the game.

The green player no longer has pieces in the center square of the board. The orange player has won the game.








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