Solitary Mah-Jongg

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Mah-Jongg One Player

This game allows us to master the different hands of Mah-Jongg.

To start, build a wall of 2 superimposed rows of 17 tiles

Then place 14 tiles face up in front of this wall.

Set the unused tiles aside.

To start the game you can discard up to three tiles and take 3 back from the unused tiles set aside.

Thereafter, discard the number of tiles you want, but to replace these tiles you must draw them from the wall you have built.

Continue like this until you get a winning hand or until there are no more tiles in the wall, which ends the game.
You can try the hand types of the Mah-Jongg game that you prefer.

The people's game The Shanghai Game
The International Game The American Game








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