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Based on the traditional "Game of the Goose", Stay at Home is a board game for two or more players.


Starting from the first space and taking turns, each player advances his piece across a 63-spaced


To start the game, all the pieces are placed in the starting space. Youngest player starts the game.


Taking turns, each player rolls the dice to advance. The aim of the game is to reach space 63 before any
other player.



Toilet paper rolls (Space 5, 9,14,18, 23, 27, 32, 36, 41, 45, 50, 54, and 59):

If one piece lands on any of these spaces, you must advance to the next toilet paper roll and roll the
dice again, saying, "Roll to roll and the dice I roll"


The balconies (Space 6 and 12):

If you land on one of the balconies, the piece is moved to the other balcony and the dice is rolled again. That is, if it lands on space 6 it advances to 12, and if it lands on 12 it goes back to 6, rolling the dice again in both cases.


The Ribbon (Space 10):

These are times to show solidarity and try to put yourself in other's shoes. Change your piece position with the player on your left!


The bathroom scale (Space 19):

Oops!...Too much chocolate and too little exercise, you miss a turn. Take advantage of it to do some exercise at home while you wait until you can play again!


The dices (Space 26 and 53) :


If you land on these spaces, go forward or backward to the other and roll the dice again.


The Poop (Space 31):

iNooooo! It's a poop on a stick! Stay for (miss) two turns


The way back (Space 42)

You forgot to wash your hands! Go back to square 30 (and don't forget to wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds!)


The Jail (Space 52)

You have not respected lock down. You left your house without a good reason, So bad! Stay in jail (miss) three turns.


It's the Coronavirus!!! (Space 58) :

The virus is loose! Get away before it catches you! Back to first space and start over again


The garden of the Rolls (Space 63)

Quarantine is over, you are free!!


To win the game, a piece must land exactly on space 63.


If a player rolls the dice and gets a higher number than the remaining spaces to the goal, the player will advance to the space 63 and then go back until completing the number rolled.


If you get to this space from the roll of paper in space 59, roll the dice and move backward the rolled number.










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