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You win the game if you manage to reach box 6 of the city track, with an X in all action boxes of all villains.

Preparation To play the game, you will need a copy of the game sheet, 6x 6-sided dice, and a pencil. Nothing else!

Game sheet

On the game sheet there are 3 areas:

the one to the left of the sheet represents Spider- Man;

the one to the right are the villains,

and the bottom one represents the city.


Spider-Man has 3 areas of play:


This tracks the strength Spider-Man has during the game; you start with 8 strength.

Every time Spider-Man gains a strength, mark a forward- slash with the pencil in a blank box; whenever you take damage, add a back-slash in a box already containing a forward-slash, to make an X.

When all points from available Strength have an X, you will lose the game: Spider-Man has been defeated.

Slash ,  Backslash (forming X)


Combat represents the physical strength of Spider-Man and allows you to decrease the power of the villains until they are eliminated from combat.

You start with 3 Combat Points (3 slashes); you can acquire more in the City area.

When you activate a combat box, you must decrease X faces of the die in the combat area, and draw a backslash in X

Combat boxes; then, choose a villain whose resistance has a value of X or less, and mark its Action Box with an X.


Spider-Man's suit powers his skills and takes them to the limit, facilitating the actions that he will carry out in the future.

This area has 3 different actions:

Resistance: which improves the strength points of our hero.

Agility: which decreases the number of times that you must decrease a die in the Exploration box.

Cobweb: which decreases Villains’ resistance and allows you to disable them.

Each of these actions requires you to de- crease dice values in this area X number of times, and spend (backslash forming X) an amount of Suit boxes, to go up one level in your chosen ability.

Each level amplifies the effect of the area;

e.g., Resistance level 1 adds 3 Strength (add 3 slashes to any empty Strength boxes), while a Resistance level 2 adds another 3 Strength.


The lower part of the sheet represents the city where Spiderman will get the resources he needs to defeat to the villains:

Exploration cost: between each box you must pay a dice value cost; when you do, move to the next box.

Benefits of the box: Each box has different benefits, allowing you to obtain resources (Combat and Suit) or benefits (e.g. cost reduction).


Each villain has an activation number between 1 and 6, and also has an EFFECT that is activated when this Villain has dice on them:

Increase the resistance value of 1 for every action of a villain.

Decrease the value of a given dice an extra time, when you move it to ano- ther City area.

Increase the cost of all Suit actions by 1.

IMPACT: Deal 1 extra damage point to Spider-Man at the start of the Round.

Villain Actions and Levels:

Each villain has 4 action boxes and thus 4 levels; these will be activated as you activate the villains.

A – indicates the resistance value of the box, that is, is the number of points of Combat you must spend to be able to dis-able the action.

B – is an ongoing effect that will be maintained while the Villain has this box active.

Increase the damage you receive at the end of a round by 1.

Increase the cost of all Suit actions by 1

Decrease the value of a given dice an extra time, when you move it to another City area.

Kraven the Hunter Level 4: If you reach the end of the Round with this symbol activated, you immediately lose the game.

 C – is the level; each time you activate a box with a dice, the villain will gain a level; these are obtained in ascending order, i.e. first 1, then 2, etc.

Value of a dice and decreasing dice

The value of a dice is equal to its top face, i.e. if the top face of the dice is 6, its value It will be 6. Some actions have the symbol of decreasing the dice value X number of times to perform an action.

Round Each Round has 4 Phases:

1 - Preparation Phase:

Roll 2 dice, choose one of them and put it on the image of Spider-Man, place the other dice about the corresponding villain (whose number matches the activation number of the villain), repeat the same sequence 3 times.

Distribute the dice in the area over the Spider-Man image, place one on Combat, another on Suit and finally one in town.

Choose one of the dice on the villains and remove it, then, those villains who still have at least 1 die on top of.

They earn 1 level for each dice on them. In the case of that some of them have to win the level and is in level 4 (maximum).

2 - Actions Phase:

Use resources, explore the city and it causes damage to villains by activating the effects of the boxes; during this phase you can move forward in the city, gain resources, improve your suit, and fight with the villains.

3 - Siege Phase:

Spider-Man will receive a damage amount to its strength equal to the sum of all the IM-PACT symbols in the action boxes of all the villains.

4 – Rest Phase:

Remove all dice from the board and start a new round.

Repeat this sequence until you achieve the objective of reaching box 6 with the dice in the zone of City, you have marked with an X all the action boxes of the villains or have been defeated by running out of Strength points available.








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