Metric and English Equivalents Inch to Millimeter Conversion Table
Millimeter to Inch Conversion Table Decimal Equivalents of 8ths, 16ths, 32nds, 64ths
Decimal Equivalents of Letter Size Drills Decimal Equivalents of Number Size Drills

American Standard Pipe Thread and Tap Drill Sizes

American National and Unified Coarse and Fine Thread Dimensions and Tap Drill Sizes

Tap Drill Sizes For Fractional Size Threads Approximately 65% Depth Thread

Double Depth of Screw Threads American Standard Acme Screw Thread Dimensions
Tapers and Angles Pitch Diameter Tables

General Guide for Cutting Speeds and Feeds for Drills

Pitch Diameter Tables - American National Thread Form

American Standard Acme Screw Thread Dimensions

Temperature Conversion Rules Relative to the Circle
Standards for Sheet and Wire Gages with corresponding Starrett Gages
Triangle Chart  





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