C-MOS D flip-flop

74HC00, 74HC76

Can you guess what the "D" in C-MOS D Flip-Flop stands for?

Make a quick mental note because you're about to find out. As you build this experiment, set the select switch either up or down. Press S1 and release it.

If you set the select switch up, LED 1 lights up. If the select switch is down, LED 1 goes out.

Now try changing the position of the select switch up and down, without pressing S1. Can you get LED 1 to change without pressing S1?

As you can see on the schematic, pressing S1 inputs a clock signal.

There's also an input signal provided by setting the select switch up or down. The "D"- in this circuit's name comes from "delay" no matter how the J or K input changes, the output changes is delayed until clock signal is received.








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