Digital circuits
Logic circuit

IC used : 
7400, 7476, 74HC191 and 74LS02

Binary Number System

Logic gates

OR gate

Three-input OR circuit Logic "OR" with LED Display
RTL OR gate DTL OR gate
TTL OR gate TTL OR enable circuit

AND gate

AND circuit with three inputs Logic "AND" with LED Display
RTL AND gate DTL AND gate
TTL AND gate TTL AND gate with three inputs
TTL NAND enable circuit TTL AND enable circuit
An inverter circuit RTL inverter
Using the NOR gate  
DTL NOR gate TTL NOR gate
DTL Exclusive OR gate TTL XOR gate
NAND gate  
Logic "NAND" with LED Display DTL NAND gate
Logic NOR Circuit (Part 1) Logic NOR Circuit  (Part 2)
Logic "NOR" with LED Display  
Logic gate - Truth Tables
Logic gates - Variants
La miniaturisation avec en exemple un BCD (Décimal codé binaire / binary-coded decimal)
Buffer (Amplifier)
TTL inverter RTL buffer
TTL buffer  
How a multivibrator Works Transistor Flip-Flop Circuit
A "one shot" multivibrator TTL tone generator
An R-S flip-flop
Flip-Flop with LED Display Flip-Flop  with LED Display / lamp

Multivibrator switching of led display

TTL R-S Flip-Flop 1 TTL R-S Flip-Flop 2
One shot TTL Transistorized toggle flip-flop
NAND toggle flip-flop J-k toggle flip-flop
TTL astable multivibrator Be your own multivibrator
Winking LEDs 1 Winking LEDs 2
Leapin' LEDs  
TTL j-k flip-flop 1 TTL j-k flip-flop 2
TTL D flip-flop Transistor timer with TTL
Buzzin' LED Son of buzzin' LED
Set/reset buzzer 1 Set/reset buzzer 2
Set/reset buzzer 3  

Selector et Register

Shift register  
TTL line selector TTL data selector
Switching circuit TTL latch circuit
Selector TTL (AND, NOR, NAND)
Basic counter circuit Synchronous counter
Asynchronous counter Counter with line decoder
Divide by 4 counter Divide by 4 counter with line decoder
How a line decoder works Multiple counter
Binary counter with display Divide by 3 counter with display
Divide by 4 counter with display  
Idiot Circuit  
Dual 2-input multiplexer Up/down counter
Down counter Decade down counter
Decade down counter with display Presettable counter
Hexadecimal counter Octal counter
Random access display Decade counter
BCD counter with display Octal counter with line decoder
Octal counter with display Decade counter with display
Decade counter with display II BCD to 7-segment decoder
VCO by nor gate Bidirectional buffer
Various inverters Tone burst generator
Digital timer I Digital timer II







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