Divide by 3 counter with display
Électronique / Electronic

7400, 7476

in Project Counter with line decoder, you built a divide by 3 counter with a line decoder. After our last Project Binary counter with display, you might be wondering if we can add the Display to other counter circuits weVe built.

The answer is yes - as this Project will demonstrate. This is basically the same circuit you built back in Project Counter with line decoder, but with some alterations to the line decoder to allow use of the Display.

Compare the schematics for these and find out how and why the line decoder was changed. This circuit uses a transistor multivibrator to supply pulses for the synchronous counter. The line decoder takes the outputs from the counter and combines them using the NAND gales to turn the various LED segments of the Display on and off.

When you put the power ON you can see 0, 1 and 2 displayed in a repeating pattern on the Display,








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