NAND gate
Électronique / Electronic

Were you able to figure out what a NOR gate did by its name? If so, it ought to be a cinch to guess how a NAND gate works. Make a mental note of how you think it works before building this Project.

While you're making the wiring connections, set the Select Switch to B. When you've built this Project, turn the power ON. What does LED 1 do?

Now set the Select Switch to A. Any change in LED 1?

Now press the Key while the Select Switch is at A. Anything different now?

As you probably suspected, a NAND gate turns off its output when all of its inputs are on. Or-to use some fancy electronic engineer's talk—the output of a NAND gate goes to 0 when all inputs are at 1. And you can also see that this is another type of inverter circuit.






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