A "one shot" multivibrator
Électronique / Electronic

Does the name of this circuit give you any hint as to how it operates? Make a mental note of how you think it will work so you can compare it with the results of this Project.

After making all the wiring connections, put ON power.

Now press and release the Key. Watch the Meter ... and continue to watch it for a few seconds. What happens?

Did you guess that the multivibrator would work just once ("fire one shot")? As you just saw, you were close hll the multivibrator operates for a few moments and then stops.

We might say this circuit makes "one shot" of pulses and then shuts off. Try holding the Key down for different lengths of time and compare it to how Long the circuit operates ... can you make the circuit work longer by holding the Key down for longer periods ?

You found that you couldn't change how long the circuit operated. Do you have any idea why this is so by looking at the schematic? (No fair peeking at the answer)








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