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Who's the fastest draw in the West? (Or even the East?)

Now you can find out with this project!

You and your opponent face each other line Western gunfighters and "go for it" - fortunately, you'll be reaching a button.

To play this game - first you have to build it - then you take a button from A while your opponent takes the ones B.

Turn power on and press S1 once. Have someone else give the signal to draw. When this happens, try to push your button before your opponent does.

If you touched your wires first, LED 1 lights up. If your opponent touched first, LED 2 lights. If it's a draw, both LEDs light. You can play again just by pressing S1. This turns off the LEDs and reset the circuit. Don't push the butons after they touch - if you do, both LEDs might come on even if the game wasn't a draw.








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