Set/reset buzzer 1
Électronique / Electronic

Anything look familiar about the schematic for this Project?

If not, take a look back at the schematic for Project TTL R-S Flip-Flop 1. You'll see that this circuit uses an R-S flip-flop circuit made from NAND gates.

After you finish wiring this Project, set the Select Switch to A. Put the power ON and press the Key. You'll hear a sound through the Earphone. Try pressing the Key several times. You'll still hear a sound in your Earphone.

Now move the Select Switch to B and' press the Key one more time. What happens now?

Circuits like this can be used in alarms. They're especially useful since intruders often can't figure out how to make the sound stop. You might also want to experiment using LEDs instead of sound to alert you that the circuit has been set or reset.








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