Transistorized toggle flip-flop
Électronique / Electronic

Do you know what a "toggle" is? (No, it's not someone from the nation of Togg!)

A toggle switch is used in electronics to turn circuits on and off and that should give you a big hint about how toggle flip-flop circuits work!

After you build this cucuit,  put the powerON. Is there any change in LED 1 ?

Now press the Key and see what happens to LED 1, Can you explain what is happening?

As you may have guessed by now, a toggle flipflop is one that sets or resets only when a signal has been received for it to do so, no matter what the inputs tell the circuit to do.

This is very handy when we're working with flip-flop circuits. Suppose we have several flip-flop circuits receiving inputs at different times, but we only want them to set or reset together. Using toggled flip-flops means that we can make sure that none of them set or reset until we give them the signal.

We already mentioned that flip-flop circuits can "remember" things thanks to their set and reset abilities. That means several flip-flop circuits controlled by a single toggle signal can operate to gether to "remember' more and more things. (That's basically how big computers "remember" all they do.)







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