TTL D flip-flop
Électronique / Electronic
7400, 7476

Can you guess what the "D" in "TTL D Flip- Flop" stands for? Make a quick mental note because you're about to find but.

As you build this experiment, set the Select Switch to either A or B.

After you finish the wiring connections, turn powre ON.

Press the Key and release it. If you set the Select Switch to A, LED 1 will light up. If the Select Switch is at B, LED 1 will go out.

Now try moving the setting of the Select Switch back and forth between A and B without pressing the Key.

Can you get LED 1 to change without pressing the Key?

As you can see on the schematic, pressing the Key inputs a clock signal. There's also just one input signal provided by setting the select switch to A or B. The "D" in this circuit's name comes from "delay", no matter how the J or K input changes, the output change is delayed until the clock signal is received.








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