TTL R-S Flip-Flop 2
Électronique / Electronic

The integrated circuits is known as a "Dual J-K Flip-Hop". The 7476.

Inside of that tiny IC are two R-S flip-flop circuits, like the one you built back in Project An R-S flip-flop!

ICS are true wonders, letting us use several circuits in a small space. Here's a Project that will let you see how to use this particular one.

When you finish wiring this Project, Put ON power.

Take a long wire and touch terminal 128 (Set), Does anything happen to LED 1 or LED 2 ?

Now touch terminal 129 (Reset) with the long wire, Is there any change in LED 1 or LED 2.

Can you figure out which terminal is the set input and which is the reset input? (Okay, here's a hint do you remember what Q and stand for?)

You can see by the schematic that R and S aren't the only inputs to the flip-flop, there's also a J and K input. (So that's why it's called a J-K flipflop !)

What do you think these J and K inputs are used for? Make some notes about what you think because we're soon going to find out.








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