Winking LEDs 1
Électronique / Electronic

If you have been making up some of your own circuits, chances are you've come up with something similar to this Project.

Multivibrators and LEDs seem to naturally go together. The schematic will let you see how this Project works. Do you think that the two LEDs will light up and go off together or will they take turns lighting?

Try to figure out what will happen before you build the circuit. (And if you need some help, look back at the notes you made for other multivibrator circuits ...) You can vary the speed of the pulses from the multivibrator by using different values for the 100 uF capacitors and the 10K resistor.

You should be able to predict what will happen as you change values by reviewing the notes you've been keeping. You can use this Project in many of your own circuit creations.

Try adding some method of changing the operation of the multivibrator by changing the setting of the Control. You might also want to add the Speaker in some way so you can hear and see the multivibrator operating. Keep schematics of any circuits you create...

One final thing, what kind of multivibrator circuit is this Project? (Try to answer without peeking at your notes or this Manual,)








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