Si notation

The SI system is an easy way to show values without the need for a decimal point. Sometimes the decimal point is difficult to see and the SI system overcomes this problem and offers a clear advantage.

Resistor values are in ohms (R), and the multipliers are: k for kilo, M for Mega.

Capacitance is measured in farads (F) and the sub-multiples are u for micro, n for nano, and p for pico.

Inductors are measured in Henrys (H) and the sub-multiples are mH for milliHenry and uH for microHenry.

A 10 ohm resistor would be written as 10R and a 0.001u capacitor as 1n.

Some countries use the letter "E" to represent Ohm, such as 100E = 100 ohms = 100R.

The markings on components are written slightly differently to the way they are shown on a circuit diagram (such as 100p on a circuit and 101 on the capacitor or 10 on a capacitor and 10p on a diagram) and you will have to look on the internet under Basic Electronics to learn about these differences.








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