LEDs used in this circuits
1N4001/1N4152 Si
1N60/HP80 Ge


1 to 5 Amps general purpose Diodes

Meet the Diode
Diode action or Diode Switching
Diode Circuit Function with Switch and LED Display
Voltage Drop Voltage Regulator

LED - A Special Diode

Inside a led Led voltages
Connecting a led Characteristic voltage drop
Head voltage Testing a led
Identifying a led Leds are current driven devices
LEDs in series LEDs in parallel
The resistor LEDS on 12v - for cars and trucks
Led voltage and current Soldering LEDs
High-bright LEDs LEDs as light detectors
Bi-color, tri-color, flashing LEDs and 7-color LEDs Si notation
Infrared LEDs Powering a project
Electronic Elephant

Seven-Segment (LED) Digital Display Circuit (7 Seg)

Basic (LED) Display Capital Letter Displays
Numeric Displays Small Letter Displays
LED 7-segment display How to test an IR LED
LED find the + and the - Build a LED matrix








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