LEDs used in this circuits
1N4001/1N4152 Si
1N60/HP80 Ge


1 to 5 Amps general purpose Diodes

Meet the Diode
Diode action or Diode Switching
Diode Circuit Function with Switch and LED Display
Voltage Drop Voltage Regulator

LED - A Special Diode

Inside a led Led voltages
Connecting a led Characteristic voltage drop
Head voltage Testing a led
Identifying a led Leds are current driven devices
LEDs in series LEDs in parallel
The resistor LEDS on 12v - for cars and trucks
Led voltage and current Soldering LEDs
High-bright LEDs LEDs as light detectors
Bi-color, tri-color, flashing LEDs and 7-color LEDs Si notation
Infrared LEDs Powering a project
Electronic Elephant

Seven-Segment (LED) Digital Display Circuit (7 Seg)

Basic (LED) Display Capital Letter Displays
Numeric Displays Small Letter Displays
LED 7-segment display How to test an IR LED
LED find the + and the -  
Switch matrix circuit Build a LED matrix
Voltage drop circuit by means of diodes Vu meter 01
10 LEDs Vu meter 20 LEDs Vu meter
Zener Diode  
Basic operation of zener diode Zener voltage checker
  Zener voltage checker II








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