Electronic Coin Toss III

7400, 7476

Still you can't make decision?

OK, then let's try this third version of the coin toss. As you see in the schematic, this circuit uses three astable multivibrators, A, B, and C.

A generates a clock pulse, and B and C generates pulses that are sent to two flip-flops.

Outputs from the flip-flops (Q1, Q2) are sent to an XOR circuit to light up LEDs 1 and 2.

When you press S1, the clock pulse generation stops, and a random output is produced in Q1 and Q2, lighting up either LED.

When you've wired the project, switch power ON and see what happens to the LEDs.

They take turns lighting, don't they?

Now press S1, and you notice that just one of the LEDs stays ON.

Try the same experiment to check if this circuit is random or not.








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