Quick draw game I

Who's the fastest draw in the West? (Or even the East?)

Now you can find out with this Project! You and your oppenent face each other like Western gunfighters and "go for it" fortunately, you'll be reaching for a pair of long wires instead of a six-shooter.

To play this game first you have to build it.

Set the Control Knob to ON and press the Key once. Have someone else give the signal to draw. When this happens, press S2 before your opponent does. If you touched your wires first, LED 2 will light up. If your opponent touched first, LED 1 will light. If it's a draw, both LEDs will light.

You can play again just by pressing the Key. This will turn off the LEDs and reset the circuit.

This Project uses a type of integrated circuit known as a "flip-flop." Can you think of how a part that "flips" and "flops" can be used in a Project like this?

Do you think touching the S1 or S2 makes something "flip" or "flop?"

We'll find out more about "flip-flop" circuit parts later. But until then "reach for it!"








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