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LED Initials
Électronique / Electronic

The digital LED display can't display all 26 letters of the alphabet, but it's possible to display many of them. Let's make an LED display that alternately shows the initials Ε and Ρ of our ELECTRONIC PROJECT. You can display other initials, too.

You can thrill your sweetheart by displaying his/her initials !

Slide the switch to position OFF and build the circuit.

When you complete the wiring, slide the switch to position ON to turn on the power, and you'll see the letters Ε and Ρ lighting alternately on the LED display.

IC 1 works as an astable multivibrator and displays the letter E. IC 2 is used as an inverter, with an output that is opposite to that of IC 1, it displays the letter P.

Now that you've successfully displayed the letters Ε and P, why not try displaying other letters?

It should be a cinch if you take a close look at the schematic.








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