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Operational amplifier
IC used in this circuits NE5532

Handbook of operational amplifier applications  
Comparator Basic Increase in DC Voltage
Constant-Current Source Integrating Circuit
Schmitt Trigger Circuit Noninverting Two-Power Supply Amplifier
Inverting Two-Power Supply Amplifier Noninverting Single-Power Supply Amplifier
Two-Power Supply Differential Amplifier Tone Mixing Amplifier
Power Amplifier Using Operational Amplifier Voltage Controlled Oscillator Circuit
Operational Amplifier Buzzer Burglar Alarm
Hand-Operated Sweep Oscillator Falling Bomb Sound
Emergency Siren First Aid Siren
Musical Tempo Generator Operational Amplifier Winking LED
LED Flashing Light Two-LED Winker
One Shot Light LED Initials
Wake Up Siren Voice-Activated LED
Logic Tester Alternating Current Sound
Light Control Sound Circuit Sound Alarm Circuit
Study Timer Kitchen Timer
Three-Input AND Gate Using Operational Amplifier Voice Level Meter
Power-On Reset Circuit Delayed Timer
Pulse Frequency Doubler White Noise Generator
DC-DC Convertor with Operational Amplifier Doorphone Intercom Circuit
Operational Amplifier Radio  








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