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Basic Audio Oscillator

This is a circuit that's the "heart" of many of the Projects in this section. It's also great as a starting point for your own tinkering and circuit designing. Now take a good look at the schematic ... can you tell how this circuit works? (No peeking at all this time. By now this should be a snap for you!)

In the next several circuits we're going to see what strange and unusual sounds we can produce with audio oscillators. But don't just stop with imitating what we're doing. Play around with these circuits some, see what you can come up with on your own!

Take this Project-try different values of the resistors and capacitors and see what sounds you can produce. You'll find the notes you've made on past projects really coming in helpful now.

Be sure to keep notes about what you do now. And why not add something new to your notes—try drawing schematic diagrams of the circuits you create. With a little practice you'll be drawing them like a "pro!".








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