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Understanding Oscillators Ear splitter
A Push-Pull Oscillator Basic Audio Oscillator
Coin battery audio oscillator Temperature Sensitive Audio Oscillator
Oscillator with Turn-Off Delay Capacitors and Oscillators
Two-Tone Buzzer Variable Capacitor Oscillator
Two-Transistor, Direct-Coupled Oscillator More about oscillator
Capacitive Charge Oscillator Push/Pull Square Wave Oscillator
Variable RC Oscillator Sine wave Audio Oscillator
Low Distortion Sine wave Oscillator Astable multivibrator
Twin-T Audio Oscillator Saw tooth Wave Oscillator
A push-pull oscillator The noisy light
Variable Audio Oscillator American patrol car siren
Powerful audio oscillator Pulse Oscillator Tone Generator
Micro-Power Solar Cell Oscillator
Micro-Powered Solar Cell Oscillator with Speaker
Gunner oscillator pulse Rain Detector
Electronic Metronome Two transistor Metronome
Door Alarm Frequency Shift Oscillator
Strobe Light Noisy Strobe Light
Relay and speaker Vibrator CdS-Controlled Oscillator
CdS Controlled I.C. Oscillator Sound scooper
Shot in the Dark II Light-Controlled Bird
"Crack of Dawn" Alarm Clock Chirping Bird
Electronic Bird Daylight Bird or "Early Bird"
Electronic Cat Electronic Motorcycle
Electronic insect Electronic Siren 1
Two-Tone Patrol Car Siren Electronic Siren 2
Electronic Safecracking Light Controlled Electronic Harp
Electronic Grandfather Clock Electronic Organ
Electronic Raindrops Sleep Machine
Sonic Fish Caller Closed Loop Burglar Alarm
Light Receiver or Light Alarm Light Controlled Burglar Alarm
Alarm controlled by noise High power alarm Oscillator
Plant Growth Stimulator Motion detector
The Electrosonic Human Pencil Lead Organ
Light-controlled bird IC organ
Door alarm Rapid led display switching
Electronic woodpecker Light controlled burglar alarm
Fish Caller II Machine gun pulse
Temperature-sensitive audio amplifier Car horn
Experimentation of capacitor temperature characteristic
RC Type differentiating circuit  

Oscilloscope Kit DSO138 Digital Oscilloscope Kit SMD Soldered








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