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Electronic Cat

Bothered by mice? And you don't have a mousetrap? Try this Project instead, see if the sound of the electronic feline can keep them away, (And you don't have to bait it with any cheese!)

This Project is another variation of the audio oscillator circuit we've used in other Projects in Oscillator Section.

Look at the schematic for this Project and notice the location of the 100 uF capacitor. This is why this circuit will operate even if you only briefly press the Key and then release it.

When you press the Key, you'll hear the "cat's meow" from the Speaker. Adjust the Control Knob, what effect does it have on the circuit's operation?

You can experiment with this circuit and produce a variety of other sounds. Just don't change the value of the 0.05 uF capacitor to more than 10 uF or reduce the value of the 100 ohm resistor, otherwise the Transistor might be damaged.

Have fun with this Project, and we hope you're not bothered by mice anymore!

Here is another version








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