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Electronic Metronome

Here's a Project you might find useful if you're learning to play a musical instrument! This is an electronic version of the metronome used' by music students everywhere.

Turn the power ON, You'll hear a sound from the Speaker at a fixed interval. Turn the Control Knob to the right (clockwise) and you'll hear the sounds "speed up" as the interval between sounds shortens,

The operation of this oscillator is like others we've played with see Oscillator Section. The circuit operates as the 100 uF capacitor charges and discharges, and the 5OK variable resistor controls its rate.

This is why you can change the '"speed" of the sounds by adjusting the Control Knob. Try a different resistor in place of the 22K in series with the Control.

Also try a different Capacitor in place of the 100 uF electrolytic and see what effect this has on circuit operation. Remember to keep track of the results in your notes.








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