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Electronic Motorcycle

Ever try steering a motorcycle with just four fingers? That's dangerous on a real motorcycle, but it's a lot of fun on this electronic version.

This circuit is similar to the one we played with in Electronic Candle in Transistor Section. You'll notice that we've added a CdS Cell to this circuit to give you even more control over its operation.

To use this Project, turn the power ON. Grasp the exposed metal ends of each long wire with the thumb and index finger of your hands. Now vary the grip as you listen to the sound from the Speaker.

With a little practice you can make the sound of a speeding motorcycle. You can also get different sounds by controlling the amount of light that falls on the CdS Cell.

Try using this circuit without the CdS Cell and with a different capacitor in place of the 0.1 uF one (remember to carefully observe the polarity of the electrolytic capacitors)








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