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Electronic Organ


Electronic organs have revolutionized the music world in recent years. This Project will show you the principles of electronic organs and let you play some simple tunes as well.

As you can see from the schematic, this Project is an oscillator circuit coupled to an amplifier circuit, remember how we told you complex electronic devices are actually composed of simple circuits?

After you finish wiring connections, press the Key down. You'll hear a tone from the Speaker. You can vary this tone with the 5OK Control.

Try pressing the Key and rotating the Control so that you can produce simple tunes. This circuit is a "natural" for experimentation! You can alter the tonal range by changing the 10 uF and 3.3 uF capacitors to different values.

Try adding the Select Switch in place of the Key —and see if you can use the Key to add another component to the circuit (like an extra capacitor in parallel to the 10 uF or 3.3 uF ones). Be sure to keep notes of what you do.








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