Fish Caller II

Plants are not the only things in nature which respond to sound. Did you know that some marine animals communicate with each other by sound?

You've probably heard that whales and porpoises communicate by sound, but they're not the only ones. Research indicates that some fish are attracted by certain sounds. This circuit lets you see for yourself.

First try building this project on dry hand. When you slide select switch to turn power ON, you hear sound pulses from the speaker. You can control the rate of the pulses with the control volume.

Look at the schematic you find this to be a variation of the audio oscillator circuit we've used in other project. How well does this work in attracting fish?

If you have an aquarium at home or at your school, you can place your kit near the aquarium glass and watch to see if fish are attracted to the sound.

Or you can actually try it out while fishing. Get another speaker and attach it to terminals using long lengths of insulated wire.

Carefully wrap the speaker in a waterproof plastic bag or seal it inside of a jar. Make sure no water can reach the speaker.

Now lower it into the water. Then cast a line in the water and wait for the results. If you don't have much luck with this project, try altering a few parts values for a different pulse sound. Be sure to keep notes of your results - and good fishing.








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