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Relay and speaker Vibrator

Here is a simple project that demonstrates how a vibrator and how the interrupted current can power a speaker. Note that the normally closed contacts of the relay are used. This makes the circuit is open when the relay is excited, but obviously an opening in the circuit places the relay at rest and the contacts close again to repeat the cycle.

Many factors affect the rate of opening and closing of the relay contacts, the mass of moving parts, the magnetic gap, the core material type, applied voltage, etc.

This circuit has a circuit in parallel with the relay also affects the operating speed. This circuit speaker and capacitor in series adds a delay to the operation because the charging current and discharge the capacitor.

The speaker is excited by the current charge and discharge the capacitor of 3.3 uF. The volume is not what is more powerful, but it demonstrates that the current and voltage interrupted can also be used to power other electrical devices. Can you think of other applications for this type of circuit?








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