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Shot in the Dark II

If you tried to use the last Project as a game (CdS-Controlled Oscillator in Oscillator Section), you might have had problems knowing exactly when you hit the CdS Cell, because the sound may have only changed slightly.

This improved version solves that problem, since you only hear sound when you hit the target. The wiring for this Project gets a little bit complicated, so take your time and check your work carefully.

You'll use this Project much like Project Shot in the Dark in Amplifier Section. Take your Kit to a dark room and turn power ON.

Shining a flashlight beam on the CdS Cell, slowly turn the Knob clockwise. Stop when you hear a sound from the Speaker. Place your Kit in a convenient spot in the room. Try to hit the CdS Cell with your flashlight beam. As we said back in Project Shot in the Dark, don't be too surprised if you have to adjust the Control Knob very carefully for best results. A little practice will let you find the right setting every time.








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