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Tug of War
Électronique / Electronic

You won't need a set of bulging muscles for this tug of wax. This Project makes use of your body's ability to conduct electricity that we found out about in Projects The Electric Human in Amplifier Section and The Electrosonic Human in oscillator section.

When you finish wiring this Project, put the power ON. Adjust the Control Knob so that the pointer of the Meter is at the center of the scale.

Take the yellow long wires (T2 et T4) while your opponent takes the blue long wires (T1 et T3). Grip the long wires by their exposed ends as tightly as you can. Look at the Meter - what's happening?

The Meter pointer will swing back and forth as you and your opponent grip the long wires. This amount of swing (and in which direction) depends upon which person's body is letting the most electricity flow from one long wire to the other. The harder you grip, the more electricity your body will conduct. And any perspiration that develops on your fingertips will help your body conduct even more electricity.








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