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A Push-Pull Amplifier Sound Scooper
Speaker / microphone Transistor amplifier
Hearing aid Amplifier The big ear
Amplifier with two close-coupled transistors
Liquid Conductivity Tester

CdS Cell Light Meter with Transistor Amplifier

Super-Sensitive Photometer

The Electric Human Lie Detector
Motion Detector Tug of War
Light Hum and Noise Detector
Shot in the Dark  
OP AMP Circles of tree
Amplifier Classes  
IC power amplifier IC power amplifier II
Oscillator using power amplifier IC Cds controlled IC oscillator
BA546 whit electret micro Phase shift oscillator
Intercom A water service pipe sound
Electronic klaxon Wide range audio frequency oscillator
Agc circuit using a single transistor Sound of passing siren
Light source sensing circuit by sound Electronic piano circuit
Space gun  
Intercom Amplifier circuit with bass boost
Doorphone Intercom Circuit Simple Megaphone
Stereo amplifier Microphone amplifier








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