Units and Symbols

Symbols and Abbreviations Mathematical Signs and Commonly Used Abbreviations

ANSI Abbreviations for Scientific and Engineering Terms
ANSI Y1.1-1972 (R 1984)

Letter Symbols for Mechanics and Time-Related Phenomena
ANSI/ASME Y10.3M-1984

Metric Systems Of Measurement

Factors and Prefixes for Forming Decimal Multiples of SI Units
Binary Multiples International System (SI) Units
International System (SI) Units with Complex Names U.S. Customary Unit System
Fundamental Constants

U.S. System  and metric system conversions

Linear Measure Conversion Factors Circular and Angular Measure Conversion Factors
Feet and Inches to Inches Conversion Inches to Feet and Yards Conversion
Fractional Inches to Decimal Feet for 0 to 1 Foot Feet to Inches Conversion
Fractional Inch to Decimal Inch and Millimeter Feet to Millimeters Conversion
Millimeters to Inch Conversion Inch to Millimeters Conversion
Millimeters to Inches Conversion Decimals of an Inch to Millimeters Conversion

Fractional Inches to Millimeters Conversion for 0 to 41 Inches in 1⁄64-Inch Increments

Microinches to Micrometers (microns) Conversion Micrometers (microns) to Microinches Conversion
Feet to Meters Conversion Meters to Feet Conversion
Miles to Kilometers Conversion Kilometers to Miles Conversion

Square Measure and Conversion Factors

Units of Area
Square Feet to Square Meters Conversion Square Inches to Square Centimeters Conversion
Square Meters to Square Feet Conversion Square Centimeters to Square Inches Conversion
Square Yard to Square Meter Conversion Acres to Hectares Conversion
Square Meter to Square Yard Conversion Hectares to Acres Conversion

Cubic Measure and Conversion Factors

Units of Volume

Cubic Inches to Cubic Centimeters Conversion Cubic Feet to Cubic Meters Conversion
Cubic Centimeres to Cubic Inches Conversion Cubic Meters to Cubic Feet Conversion
Cubic Feet to Liters Conversion Liters to Cubic Feet Conversion
U.K. (Imperial) Gallons to Liters Conversion Liters to U.K. (Imperial) Gallons Conversion
U.S. Gallons to Liters Conversion Liters to U.S. Gallons Conversion
Flow Conversion Factors
U.S. Fluid Ounces to Milliliters Conversion Milliliters to U.S. Fluid Ounces Conversion
Volume Flow per Second Conversion Volume Flow per Minute Conversion

Pitot Tube


Mass and Weight Conversion Factors

Units of Mass and Weight

Pounds to Kilograms Conversion Kilograms to Pounds Conversion
Ounces to Grams Conversion Grams to Ounces Conversion
Density Conversion Factors
Pounds per Cubic Inch to Grams per Cubic Centimeter Grams per Cubic Centimeter to Pounds per Cubic Inch
Pounds per Cubic Foot to Kilograms per Cubic Meter Kilograms per Cubic Meter to Pounds per Cubic Foot

Pressure and Stress Conversion Factors

Units of Pressure and Stress

Pounds per Square Inch to Kilograms per Square Centimeter Kilogram per Square Centimeter to Pounds per Square Inch
Pounds per Square Foot to Kilograms per Square Meter Kilograms per Square Meter to Pounds per Square Foot
Pounds Per Square Inch to Kilopascals Conversion Kilopascals to Pounds Per Square Inch Conversion
Force Conversion Factors

Units of Force

Pounds-Force to Newtons Conversion Newtons to Pounds-Force Conversion
Units of Moment and Torque
Bending Moment or Torque Conversion Factors Pound-Inches to Newton-Meters Conversion

Energy, Power, and Heat Conversion Factors

Newton-Meters to Pound-Inches Conversion Poundal
Energy Conversion Factors Heat Conversion Factors

Power Conversion Factors

Power Conversion Factors 2
Energy and Work Conversion Factors Thermal Conductance Conversion Factors
Conduction Fuel Oil, Coal and Gas Equivalents
British Thermal Units to Foot-Pounds Foot-Pounds to British Thermal Units
British Thermal Units to Kilojoules Kilojoules to British Thermal Units
Horsepower to Kilowatts Conversion Kilowatts to Horsepower Conversion
Foot-Pounds to Joules Conversion Joules to Foot-Pounds Conversion


Units of Temperature

Temperature Conversion Fomulas
Absolute Temperature and Absolute Zero Measures of the Quantity of Thermal Energy
Temperature Conversion Table

Velocity and Acceleration Conversion Factors

Velocity Conversion Factors Acceleration Conversion Factors
Oil Viscosity Conversion Factors Moment of Inertia Conversion Factors
Momentum Conversion Factors Miscellaneous Measuring Units


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