Shot in the dark III


It's been over a hundred Projects since our last "Shot in the Dark" circuit. (Haven't had one since Project Shot in the Dark II!)

Here's another one, but this time using digital electronics. Like our earlier "Shot in the Dark" Projects, this one measures your skill at hitting the CdS Cell with a beam of light in a darkened room.

Your "gun" is an ordinary flashlight. To play, take your project into a darkened room.

Turn the potentiometer all the way to the right (fully clockwise). Slowly start turning the Control to the left (counter-clockwise) until you reach the point where LED 3 lights.

Now stand a few feet away and try to hit the CdS Cell with the beam from your flashlight. If you're successful, you'll see LED 2 light up and LED 1 will go out.

Turn off your flashlight and wait for LED 2 to go out. When this happens, you're ready to "shoot" the "target" again!.

Look back at your notes and earlier Projects and see if there is some way to modify this circuit so you can hear when you hit the CdS Cell.








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