Usinage / Machining

Units and Symbols
Engrenage / Gear

Référence Simple Mechanisms
British Standard Limits and Fits
BS 4500:1969 (IT)
American National Standard Running and Sliding Fits
ANSI B4.1-1967 (R2004)
American National Standard Preferred Hole Basis
Metric Clearance Fits
ANSI B4.2-1978 (R2004)
American National Standard Gagemakers Tolerances
ANSI B4.4M-1981 (R1994)
British Standard Limits of Tolerance for Selected
Holes (Upper and Lower Deviations)
BS 4500:1969
British Standard Fundamental Deviations for Shafts
BS 4500:1969
Measuring Dovetail Slides
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