Fun circuits

Electronic Dice Electronic Dice 2
Leapin' LEDs Electronic Dice 3 (0-9)
Christmas tree Delay timer improved circuit
Quick draw game I Quick draw game III
UFO invasion The noisy light
Digital rhythm The big ear
Even or Odd Electronic Coin Toss I
Sound machine I Electronic Coin Toss II
Sound machine II Electronic Coin Toss III
Sound machine III Horror movie sound effects
Digital Ping-Pong 1 Digital Ping-Pong 2
Digital Ping-Pong 3 The big ear
Meet the VCO Electronic roulette
SOS Alerte Emergency alarm
Digital roulette Roulette with sound
Digital roulette II  
BCD to 7 segment display diagram Wheel of fortune
Esp tester Close-in Close-in II
Light or sound Be your own multivibrator
Anticipation 1 2 inputs alarm
Sound Stop Game Multivibrator switcher
A phony counter? Sound out timer
Alphabet flasher Octave generator
Crossing signal Digital timer
Optical counter Shot in the dark III
Set/reset match Number displays
Press first The light fantastic
Shooting game  








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